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Discontinued Software

The following software has now been discontinued and will receive no further updates or changes. If you are using any of the below, you are encouraged to find an alternative. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Commercial Software

  • Maian Judo (JudoPay ecommerce system)
  • Maian Netpay ( ecommerce system)
  • Maian Pay (Worldpay ecommerce system)
  • Maian Sage (Opayo ecommerce system)

Free Software

  • Maian Ads (Clickbank add system)
  • Maian Guestbook (Website guestbook system)
  • Maian Links (Link tracking system)
  • Maian Nickel (Nickel sale system)
  • Maian Search (Website search engine)
  • Maian Uploader (File upload system)

Stay safe and healthy,

David (Lead Developer @ Maian Media)

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