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May 2021 - Updates

Hope everyone is doing ok. Hard to believe we are in May already.

Development on the new updates is going well. Most new versions are now in the testing phases, so releases as soon as possible. The new Maian Media/Maian Media portal is completed and that will launch around the same time as the first updates. New websites for all software will go live in the future as they are not priority at the moment.

There will also be a new version for Maian Recipe, which may please some of you. Nothing major, but the new version has a responsive frontend and supports PHP8. All code has been revised and updated and old code/plugins removed. It’s the first revamp for quite awhile. It of course remains free.

There are other changes on the way. The affiliate system will be discontinued and a new affiliate system will replace it, along with better mailing options for anyone wanting to receive updates.

More new soon. Stay safe.

David - Lead Developer (Maian Media)

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