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Maian Lockbox v3.0 Released & Personal Support Maian Lockbox v3.0 Released & Personal Support

I am pleased to announce the release of v3.0 of the Maian Lockbox system. This is a major update and I’m sorry for the delay. If you are upgrading from a previous v2 branch, please see the upgrade options and read any notes carefully. Previous lockboxes are NOT compatible with this version. Please view the changelog for all changes to this version. you enjoy the new version, any problems please use your personal support option or post on the support forum. [ PERSONAL SUPPORT ] Please also note that the priority support has now changed. Initial purchases now come with 3 months free support with an option to upgrade later if required. ... Full Article

Posted: Wed, October 2, 2019
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Maian Lockbox Released Soon Maian Lockbox Released Soon

I would like to thank my beta testers for assistance with the latest version of Maian Lockbox, this will be released soon. Also, there will be some changes to priority support soon, more details to follow. – David - Lead Developer (Maian Media) ... Full Article

Posted: Wed, September 25, 2019
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Maian Lockbox v3.0 Coming Soon Maian Lockbox v3.0 Coming Soon

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. The latest version of Maian Lockbox is coming very soon, this is a new system, which sees many enhancements. If you would like to participate in beta testing, please drop me a line. A list of the changes can be found on the lockbox website: Many thanks. – David - Lead Developer (Maian Media) ... Full Article

Posted: Sun, August 18, 2019
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Maian Lockbox v2.3 Released Maian Lockbox v2.3 Released

This is a maintenance release to fix a few issues since the last version. It also adds support for Paypal’s new SSL endpoints for their IPN system. If you are using Paypal you MUST install SSL for your lockbox system before June 2018 when Paypal switch off callbacks to none secure websites. If you don’t install SSL and you use Paypal, your lockbox payment system will stop working in June. v2.3 of Maian Lockbox assumes SSL is installed. You can find the changelog and download info on the Maian Lockbox website. For upgrades, refer to the upgrade section in the docs. ... Full Article

Posted: Thu, March 1, 2018
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