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General Tax RatePosts in the Maian Pay forum by magiccardpops
17-11-2019 16:29:43

David -

From the Help information for Tax Rate:

General > Tax Rate
If zone is a tax band, enter rate. For example, for U.K you would enter 20 (for 20%). Leave as 0 for no tax. At checkout tax is applied to total of goods and shipping.

Is there any way for the Tax Rate to reflect a decimal point?  Like 2.9%?

I am trying to pass on the PayPal fees to the customer.

I have .30 (30 cents) defined in the Rates area (for all weights).
But setting the Tax Rate to 2.9 will give a Tax Rate of just 2%.


19-11-2019 01:53:10

Thanks David -

Changing from integer to varchar or decimal did not work.  I think once the Update from the Store application is applied it treats the updated value as an integer.  I changed the DB to a decimal and supplied a value of 2.90 in the field and then went straight to the store.  It then showed the Tax Rate as 2.90.

- MagicCardPops

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