Software Versions

At a glance, including upgrade and documentation links.

Software Versions - Free / Commercial

New versions (Dev Versions) are coming soon. When known, estimated release dates will appear on the changelog pages.

Software Current Version Release Date Dev Version Last Updated Links
Maian Affiliate 1.0 30/Oct/2018 1.1 20/Sep/2021
Maian Cart 3.8 10/Apr/2020 3.9 16/Sep/2021
Maian Checkout 1.2 7/Nov/2019 1.3 16/Sep/2021
Maian Coin 1.1 22/Nov/2019 1.2 16/Sep/2021
Maian Cube 3.0 29/May/2019 3.1 16/Sep/2021
Maian Events 3.3 13/Dec/2018 3.4 16/Sep/2021
Maian Greetings 3.1 14/Mar/2018 3.2 20/Oct/2021
Maian Guardian 2.0 29/May/2019 2.1 16/Sep/2021
Maian Judo 1.1 12/Nov/2019 1.2 16/Sep/2021
Maian Lockbox 3.0 2/Oct/2019 3.1 16/Sep/2021
Maian Music 2.9 4/Oct/2019 3.0 16/Sep/2021
Maian NetPay 1.1 11/Nov/2019 1.2 16/Sep/2021
Maian Pal 1.2 6/Nov/2019 1.3 16/Sep/2021
Maian Responder 2.2 9/Mar/2019 2.3 16/Sep/2021
Maian Sage 1.1 16/Nov/2019 1.2 16/Sep/2021
Maian Stripe 1.3 7/Nov/2019 1.4 16/Sep/2021
Maian Support 4.3 9/Mar/2020 4.4 26/Nov/2021
Maian Weblog 5.2 14/Mar/2018 5.3 16/Sep/2021

Software Versions - 100% Free Software

New versions may appear in the future. At the moment these have occasional/security updates only.

Software Current Version Release Date Links
Maian Ads 1.2 28/Mar/2018
Maian Friend 4.0 30/Mar/2018
Maian Gallery 2.1 18/Apr/2018
Maian Guestbook 3.3 23/Mar/2018
Maian Links 4.0 3/Apr/2018
Maian Mail 4.0 20/Mar/2018
Maian Nickel 1.1 8/Apr/2018
Maian Recipe 2.1 20/Mar/2018
Maian Search 2.1 24/Mar/2018
Maian Survey 1.2 20/Mar/2018
Maian Uploader 5.0 1/May/2018

Commercial Licence - One Off Payment - All Upgrades Free

We don't believe in rip-off upgrade fees. Our software is NOT subscription based or an expensive SaaS.
We keep things simple. You only pay once, that is all.

All upgrades are 100% free of charge, regardless of features added.

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