Lockbox and Amazon RDS

I am evaluating Maian Lockbox for our new app.  It's PHP-based and will have several membership types and access to specific documents.  If we go with Lockbox, we'll be getting the White Label license.

I am having trouble with the install, however.  I was getting the mysql error:

Error: Variable 'sql_mode' can't be set to the value of 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER'



Line: 459:


I thought I had strict mode turned off in our RDS instance.  It kept giving me this error on install.  So, in an effort to debug, I tried to just remove the offending Constant, replacing the line with this line:


Which allowed me to complete the install!  However, I added in the demo data and I cannot seem to login as an admin, despite using the username and password I defined in


Server values
Ubuntu 18.04
PHP 7.3
Amazon RDS running MySQL 8.0.17

I can't imagine that no one has tried to use this with AWS yet -- can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Scott Kallen