Mails not being sent

Hello David,

Trust you are well!

I have Maian Responder installed here:
I have setup the SMTP mail settings under System Options/Settings/SMTP as well as under the Campaign SMTP settings.

Have used the test mail option on both and no emails have been received and nothing has gone into spam. Also used the generated HTML post method code and created page to create capture user details, also no emails are being sent.
By the way i used gmail as the SMTP server!

I enabled logging for Subscribe/Unsubscribe and Imap / Mail. The log file for Subscribe/Unsubscribe has logged the user subscription but no email sent.
The log for Imap / Mail is empty, although the size of the log file says 10.85KB

I have had the responder system running on another domain for over a year now and that one works perfectly.

Not sure what is happening with this new installation: Version 2.2

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.