Feature requests

Hello, I follow maian scripts all the time, they are all beautiful, I want them to develop more
I want it to be richer about features. The user who enters the home page wants the page to be more organized.
I have a few requests for this

1.If you add a phone icon to the main page, it will call the phone you added when you click it. (This option may be in the top menu next to create account login menus)
2. I want the post editor to change, people will love the custom options in the support posts.
3. It will be good if there is a fixed option to show the side menu from the settings, it will be good for those who want to use the side menu as fixed.
4. The option to add options will be a good option for those who want to add options such as the site about the imprint to the user section.
5. Whether the user has the ability to add their own phone, this option will be a good option for the user who wants to add their phone number, if the support team wants to contact her quickly from there.
6. It will be good if the user has the option to add avatars, the user may want to add their own picture, which may be a good option for her.

I'll post the features as I think of them, thanks in advance.