MYSQLi DATABASE ERROR After Initial Install - Dreamhost

I installed your Maian helpdesk software at my domain hosted at Dreamhost on a shared hosting plan. Everything went smoothly and the final popup said the installation succeeded and gave me my admin login URL. When I tried to log into my helpdesk admin I received a database error message (see error at Here is the information I received from my Dreamhost support staff:

"Upon reviewing your installation, I found out that you are using a PHP Support ticketing software, called Maian Support. Checking their site for server requirements shows that they should be compatible with your shared hosting plan. However, the database error you are getting, upon further check seems to stem from the MySQL 8 version (latest) that we are using on our servers.

Although the Maian support page says it requires MySQL 5.6 or above, but their last update for the said software was still Version 4.3 (09/03/2020), which is more than a year ago ( As mentioned, this is a MySQL 8 incompatibility."

I really like your helpdesk software as I have used it before. Can you kindly provide any information to fix this problem?