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Email NotificationsPosts in the Maian Greetings forum by TipTop
26-04-2018 23:48:04

In Email Notifications, <-{separater}-> Doesn't Show Separated Lines on Some Email Services.  How can that be Fixed?  :--)

I have []{RECIPIENT} Has Viewed Your SECURE Ecard.  But the Email Notices Shows {RECIPIENT} Instead of the Actual Name of the Recipient.  How can that be Fixed?   :--)

27-04-2018 13:04:09

Now I Have it the way that it is Below.  I Want it to Show the Whole Name (Mary Jackson Has Viewed Your Ecard).  I Tested that, and Now It's How I Want it!  :--)

$msw_emails3 = '{name} Has Viewed Your Ecard';

27-04-2018 13:32:16

Various Email Software is Showing

Ecard PickUp Notification
Hello Mary Jackson,

Instead of

Ecard PickUp Notification

Hello Mary Jackson,

Some Email Software Doesn't seem to Read the <-{separater}-> Code.  :--)

29-04-2018 21:57:56

Is it Possible to Change:

To view this Ecard, please click the following: to

To view this Ecard, please click the following:

Never Mind -  I Changed the Code to:{CODE}

30-04-2018 04:46:42

I Changed it from Base Folder: to Base Folder:  smile

02-05-2018 05:27:42

OOPS, It's Still Not how I Want it.

$msw_emails2 = '{name} Has Sent You A SECURE Ecard';
$msw_emails3 = '{name} Has Viewed Your SECURE Ecard';

I Want the Viewed Emails Subject to Show the Full Filled In Name of the Viewer.  I Don't want the Viewed Subject to Only Show {firstname}.  :--)

02-05-2018 06:58:23

$msw_emails3 = '{name} Has Viewed Your SECURE Ecard';

That Shows the Senders Full Name.  I Want it to Show the Viewers Full Name.

I Need to Sleep!  :--)

02-05-2018 13:30:08

So if the Viewed Subject Code has {firstname}, it Currently Shows the First Name of the Viewer.

How about {viewerfirstname} & {viewerfullname} in the Next Update? :--)

05-05-2018 15:16:24

Because Sometimes Titles are Added Before the Name.  And the Email Subject Shows (Mr & Another Title Has,Viewed Your Ecard).  Ms. Anna Huhkah Would Be For User Friendly.  :--)

06-02-2020 21:38:41

I Temp Changed the Below Code, because over 20 months since I first mentioned that the Email Sender & Receiver Email Notification Subject Lines Only show the First Name.  I love to use the word Royal in front of names.  That makes it say (Royal Has Sent You A SECURE Ecard!), and (Royal Has Viewed One of the SECURE Ecards That You Sent!).   Royal Suzy Joy Has Viewed or Royal Suzy Has Viewed, Etc., would be Easier for me when I send out Ecards:)

$msw_emails2 = 'A Kind Person Has Sent You A SECURE Ecard!';
$msw_emails3 = 'A Recipient Has Viewed One of the SECURE Ecards That You Sent!';

07-02-2020 15:42:00

So, About How Long Until the Email Notification Subjects Show ALL That Is Written In the (To & From) Boxes, Instead of ONLY the First Names?  smile

09-02-2020 15:37:49


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