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Adding player controls to preview filesPosts in the Maian Music forum by JumpinJack
03-11-2018 02:26:58

Is there a way to add some kind of player for the preview audio play back?

I like having the ability to have previews for the tracks but would also like some kind of controls for the previews like being able to pause the previews, volume control or even skip through the tracks. Similar to what beatport has.

Would this be possible to add ?

16-09-2022 23:05:12

Volume control is very important to me also and when I find the answer looking for about custom pages and when I find the answer to volume, play, stop and pause I'll share my results. cool

17-09-2022 07:56:09

The current version has support for play, fast forward and pause via the 3d player. Volume I don't see the point of controlling on a webpage as the device you are using has that already.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
18-09-2022 00:04:07

the need for volume control is so I can set it to 65% instead of 100%
why would I want to set the volume at 65%?
Simple when I hear a good song I want to turn it up and it is a pain in the but to go to the device and change the volume
Normalizing the volume would ab a nice add-on also

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