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Another irregularity detected?Posts in the Maian Weblog forum by Klauwaart
30-12-2018 15:44:20

I don't know whether this is a bug or what, but when I use Tools=>Post Tweet, after entering the text and clicking on "Post Tweet", the wheel keeps spinning indefinitely and nothing is sent.
Yet I have all my details filled in in the setting bit, ie. my Tweet API keys and secret keys and all that, the whole lot.
So, i was wondering if that could be a bug or if I was following the Alzheimer religion again. big_smile


02-01-2019 18:14:45

Yes, sorry, that's the one I meant.
The error is just the same, nevertheless.

03-01-2019 00:23:52

I can see none that refers to Twitter.

05-01-2019 15:21:35

How do I get to that particular error log?
All I have is mail-debug and mysqli-debug.
However, I have seen something in the mail-debug which I assume might have something to do with it (gobbledegook again) but contains what I assume to be sensitive information.
Is there a way to send private messages here?

05-01-2019 16:56:18

No, David.
I'm afraid I have found nothing relevant in the server error log.
So, I assume it shall remain a mystery. sad

05-01-2019 17:21:28

I thought that was the only thing you can do there.
I just quickly ran a test, and, believe it or not, this time it worked flawlessly.

Just don't try to blame it on the drinks during the holidays, I'm sure they had nothig to do with it. cool
Then again, if you expect just the normal and usual, don't come to me.
Let's see if it keeps working now.

One thing though: the Tweets it sends are very plain, maybe something for a next update, putting in some sort of template that affects your tweets?

05-01-2019 17:42:25

Well, didn't really know how to phrase it.
What I meant was, something that allowed us to enter a URL, a tweet card et al, without having to do it all manually with every tweet.
However, i like your last sentence. big_smile

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