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PHP 8 problems / Tracy error pagePosts in the Maian Music forum by H
05-10-2023 18:45:10

I would like to know if anyone has had any problems installing or using Maian Music with PHP 8.

My hosting provider upgraded to PHP 8 without notifying me last year, and Maian Music 2.3 immediately started throwing errors to the browser. I upgraded to Maian Music 3.0, which appears to install without problems but once it is installed,

[2023-10-05 16-58-16] Error: Undefined constant "LIC_ADM_PAGES" in /[root directory]/[directory]/[domain]/[Maian directory]/control/system/core/mm.php(379) : eval()'d code(1) : eval()'d code:365  @  https://[domain]/[Maian directory]/index.php

happens no matter where I go or what I do. If I log into my hosting account and change the PHP version back to 7.3 or 7.4, Maian Music will work (with the exception of what I mention below), but PHP 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 all cause the Tracy error (which shows WAY more detail than should ever be visible in the browser).

Under PHP 7.4, everything seems to work just fine except the AJAX calls never result in the modal basket being shown, just an eternal iteration of the images/animated/balls.gif on the bottom of the page.

Obviously, I'd much rather get this working under PHP 8, but there seems to be no getting around that Tracy error. I can provide many more details about the error if it seems relevant.

By searching the internet for "Powered by Maian Media", I can locate some sites which are clearly using Maian Music 3.0 and their modal baskets do work, but I have no way of being able to tell if those operating sites are running PHP 7 or PHP 8. So I cannot conclude 100% if the problem is on my end or if Maian Music has some minor bug that is causing problems under PHP 8.

(I am running Maian Weblog on a different site using PHP 8.1 with no issues.)

06-10-2023 07:20:13

Ok, so firstly Tracy is just the debugger, there is no issue with that, it just throws the errors. smile

Secondly, PHP8.2 will throw errors, support for that will be released soon. 8.0 and 8.1 should be fine.

which shows WAY more detail than should ever be visible in the browser

Well, it's a debugger, that is what it does. lol.

Looks like the issue is with us, not you, sorry. I think the deployment got broke in the previous version. sad

So, redownload the music system:

and in your installation, replace:

Let me know if that helps.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
18-10-2023 17:47:25

maiandavid wrote:
Ok, so firstly Tracy is just the debugger, there is no issue with that, it just throws the errors. smile

No problem; it works as intended, but (after researching Tracy for maybe five minutes) I don't see a simple way to turn it off for production environments. It is "supposed" to detect production environments and adjust itself accordingly, but perhaps since I am using webhosting instead of my own server it doesn't recognise the difference.

maiandavid wrote:

Yes, that definitely fixed the issue 100%.

Thank you for the prompt response; I did see it soon after you posted it but only just now got around to replying. I have been working my way through various small problems, most of which are not attributable to you or the script. (Using htaccess to force https seems to break a few things, namely the ajax responses.)

There seems to be a persistent error 500 when taking the final step from the shopping basket to "gateway-load" but that didn't occur on every installation, so that surely is no fault of the script. But every iteration of my tests and installations yields an error when updating a profile or creating an account, in that the update or creation WILL happen but the modal window refuses to load. (So if I create an account by filling in my personal information and clicking "create account", the blue line goes across the bottom of the screen but then nothing happens. However, if I then try to log in with the brand-new credentials, they do indeed work. It's just that I am never shown the window which typically says "thanks for signing up, please verify your e-mail address".) Inspect element shows an error 500 to the tune of "POST https://[redacted domain]/[redaced directory]/index.php?ajax=create&id=0" but Tracy doesn't report any error at all and there is nothing in any error log. But the account will still be created successfully.

My intention is, over the next few days to do another few installations and very carefully and accurately document each error or mishap so that (after I provide the information to you) you'll be able to pinpoint exactly what may be wrong.

All that being said, Maian Music is still the best PHP script of its sort out there.

27-10-2023 09:05:09

Thank you for your comments, appreciate it. We do need to update the stripe API for the music system to the latest API version, so once that is done I will double check everything and release an update soon.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
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