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sessions error again after upgrading to 1.4, please help!Posts in the Maian Stripe forum by zoldos
16-06-2022 06:42:18

I successfully upgraded to Maian Stripe 1.4, but when attempting to access the admin area, I'm again given a sessions error.  I did what I did before and created a new sessions folder, gave it full write permissions, and updated my php.ini. Then I restarted Apache.  However, this time it didn't work! sad

Session save path (/var/www/vhosts/ does not exist, is not set, or does not have write permissions. Please fix in PHP.ini file (session.save_path) and reload page.

The folder is there, trust me. Please assist, I'd really like to try the new version. big_smile

17-06-2022 00:40:57

Well, as the error states, "Session save path (/var/www/vhosts/ does not exist, is not set, or does not have write permissions". So, is the issue write permissions? The error only appears if the system cannot read or access the folder.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
17-06-2022 04:17:59

I gave the folder full 0777 write permissions with my root account.   Is that not correct?

18-06-2022 09:06:10

It's down to the permissions allowed by the server. You can try creating the folder in a different location. Generally the default should be fine in most cases. I can only check if permissions are allowed. If they aren't, nothing I can do about it. sad

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
18-06-2022 12:38:06

Okay, gotcha. So how exactly do I tell what permissions are allowed by the server? Is this some sort of setting?  I use Plesk Obsidian and Ubunto 20.04 with Apache 2 and ngnix, and PHP 7.4.30.  Also, Filezilla with SFTP to logon to my server as root. Then I changed the permissions to 777.  Is there another way to do this that will work better?

22-06-2022 00:21:45

No, that should be fine. Although if 755 works for permissions you should use that.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
22-06-2022 10:58:51

Okay I'll try 0755.  Thanks!

25-06-2022 05:34:50

No problem. Like I say, also try a session path in a different location. If it works, then stops working, ask your host why.

David - Lead Developer/Programmer
25-06-2022 11:27:13

k, thanks!

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