Software Installation Service

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For people who need help installing our software, we offer a reliable installation service for a single fee. This fee is for a single setup only and has two levels of service as detailed below. Please note that we will require server access to install the software. If you cannot give us this access, we cannot help you.
Standard Installation - All Software - Per Install: £9.95 (3/5 Business Days)
Premium Installation - All Software - Per Install: £17.95 (24hrs)

Note that for the 24hr option you must be available to answer any questions if we require additional information. If we get no reply the 24hr option may not be guaranteed.
Please contact us if you wish to purchase the installation service.

Commercial Licence - One Off Payment - All Upgrades Free

We don't believe in rip-off upgrade fees. Our software is NOT subscription based or an expensive SaaS.
We keep things simple. You only pay once, that is all. We also offer a white label licence.

All upgrades are 100% free of charge, regardless of features added.

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