Upgrades are FREE for life. Our software is a perpetual licence and you can upgrade at any time at no additional cost if you have a commercial licence.

Note that some older versions may not be upgradeable, so you may need to start from a clean install.
How to Upgrade

Please download the latest version of the software you wish to upgrade and follow the upgrade instructions in the docs. If you have a custom theme, refer to the appendix section of the upgrade instructions to see what changes you need to implement in your theme. If you are not using a custom theme, you can just overwrite all files as mentioned.

For support options, please refer to the software website.

Commercial Licence - One Off Payment - All Upgrades Free

We don't believe in rip-off upgrade fees. Our scripts are NOT subscription based or an expensive SaaS.
We keep things simple. You only pay once, that is all. We also offer a white label licence.

All upgrades are 100% free of charge, regardless of features added.

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