I would firstly like to thank you on the time and effort spent on this product. I think it is awesome.

I must record my congratulations to you on producing such a magnificent piece of software. Although it is very comprehensive and powerful offering countless facilities, it still retains a very user-friendly and intuitive interface for the administrator.

Earlier this year I was searching for a shopping cart so that I could implement e-shopping for some of our clients' websites. When I stumbled across Maian Cart version-1 I was impressed, but as soon as I discovered that version-2 was being produced I halted my work and waited for the new version to arrive.

I must say that my waiting has not been in vain as I now have access to a brilliant piece of software that makes creating a shopping cart a "breeze".

If anyone is looking to implement a shopping cart quickly and easily (without having to understand in-depth programming) then I strongly recommend you take a look at Maian Cart version-2.

Easy to use, this is exactly what ionCube users have been missing, thank you

I have been always looking for a decent helpdesk for my URL shortener websites. I don't make money off these websites, so I couldn't afford to pay for SaaS helpdesks. I found Maian Support while I was trying out all the available helpdesk software out there. David replied to all my presale questions in a timely manner. I also see that he implemented a suggestion of mine, this makes me one step closer to buying the helpdesk. I finally bought it during promotional period (very thankful)! I like that Maian Support being a one-time payment licence (very suitable for personal use).

The installation process is a breeze (I love manual installation rather than Softaculous way). I also love the fact that it sports a responsive design and this makes it really neat regardless of different device screen sizes. The helpdesk just makes sense when using it as the useful functionalities and features are there. I use it with a free live chat software, they make a perfect combination. I do recommend this helpdesk!

Your support script has been a complete life saver for me, handling 100's of tickets in a completely professional way.

I have been developing web sites since the 90s. I have several of your scripts and decided it's time to send you a testimonial which I feel you rightly deserve.

Like all your other scripts that I have the pleasure of owning and using, your support script is the same quality as your other scripts, right from the same ease of installation, the same intuitive design, right up to the same ease of use, and you keep them updated, you certainly have a talent for this.

I have so many other scripts from other programmers that are all so often missing features, never updated, etc., so please keep up this great work.

It is complete, easy to use, and is designed for simplicity. It offers features we won't use but it is nice they are there for future needs. The walk through was simple and installation went perfectly. Thanks for a great system that just pretty much dropped in place with our sites needs fulfilled.

I have been using both Maian Event and Maian Cart for a long time now and they both works like a charm. The best things with Maian Media is the outstanding service that is given to the user of the programs.

If you want to change a little bit of code to fit your special needs, or having some questions about setting the program up, they are always there to help you out! Highly recommended!

I just wanted to let you know that I`ve been showing off the Support tool to senior managers in the charity I work for. They are very impressed with it. They liked its simplicity and how clean it looked and simple to use. So I thought I should share their positiveness with your brilliant work, at a sensible price, which I believe will make a big difference to the way this little charity will manage a number of issues it has, so thank you.

Great script.... thank you!

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