July 2024 - Important Changes and Updates

View: July 2024 - Important Changes and Updates

New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new web portal at maianmedia.com for all our scripts. This new look ties in with our product websites. Also, the main focus the last few months has been our new backend control panel and this is also now complete. This enables us to better manage our products.

New Account Area

Previously our licence system was a separate system at maiangateway.com. The new account area is now a part of the web portal for better integration. Any login / account details remain the same.

New Product Prices

Effective immediately are our new product and white label prices, many of which are a 50% reduction on the previous prices. We think these better reflect what we offer. We feel our little self hosted projects still have some target audience, so enjoy the discounts.

New Script Versions (PHP7 & New Template Engine)

All our products, including the free ones will soon have new versions released. We apologise for the delay. Please note that the new versions have two significant changes:

- PHP7 is no longer supported, the min version will be PHP8. PHP8 offers better security and features and we prefer not to support older versions. Also, the new template engine (below) does not support older versions.

- All our scripts have finally been upgraded to a new template engine. The Nette template engine (nette.org) offers better security in a more modern interface and replaces the Savant3 template engine which we have used for many years. To be honest, Savant3 has been a great and easy to use engine, but is now discontinued and therefore we need to move on. Please note that this will reset the templates for all scripts and previous themes saved will not be compatible. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Support Forum

The support forum has been discontinued, please see our suport page for support options, going forward this will probably be updated.

New Affiliate System

Is coming soon and will be launched when ready. Script updates are our main priority now.

Maian Checkout Discontinued

This software has been removed from our system due to Verifones test / dev account policies. It's not worth the hassle.

More updates on the way soon,

Lead Developer @ Maian Media

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