Maian Music v3.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Maian Music v3.0. Some notes for this release:

- The minimum PHP version required to run Maian Music is now v7 for security. The new version officially supports the later PHP7 branches and PHP8.
- Maian Music now only supports Paypal, Stripe and Square payment gateways.
- Gateway callback urls have changed, so update your installations if you upgrade. Refer to the docs for the correct url.


v3.0 Changelog:

Refer to the upgrade information in the docs. If you any problems, please see the support options on the Maian Media website:

As always, if you have purchased a commercial licence for our software, this upgrade is free of charge. We will never charge for upgrades.

Stay safe and healthy,

David (Lead Developer @ Maian Media)

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